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Sunnex Named Top Performing Supplier AGAIN!

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We are so excited to announce Sunnex Lighting was named YET AGAIN a Top Performing Supplier for the 3rd Quarter of 2018 by OpenMarkets!!

OpenMarkets is a product and healthcare company who’s mission is to reinvent how healthcare providers and suppliers work together.  Check out their Blog Post related to this award!

Sunnex Lighting strives to be a Go To Medical Light supplier and will continue building strong partner relationships going forward.

Product Testimonial Shout Out

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Sunnex Lighting just received the following testimonial on our Sunnex LS 27″ LED light.  This light features a 10 degree MR16 LED bulb paired with a round metal weighted base suitable for mounting on a table:

I love my Sunnex lamp so much that I actually bought a back-up. My sight is compromised so I need lots of directed bright light for reading which this Sunnex light supplies. It takes up so little floor space and is so easy to move and twist in any direction.  I assure you anyone who ever bought this lamp will want another one.” 

– Liza Hintze